About Me

The Journey of Life is gnarly, just like The Treaty Tree in Jacksonville, Florida.

I’m an Adventurer on the Journey of Life. My name is Val Brown. Thanks for stopping by my blog: Living Infinitely Beyond.

As an Adventurer on the Journey of Life, I’ve found that Life is infinitely beyond what I see and experience in the natural realm. To navigate life successfully, I follow a Life Map, utilize divine provisions & walk with my personal Guide. Day after day, I purpose to faithfully walk the path toward my divine destination.

Most days, I find the path challenging. Sometimes Life feels like a wilderness excursion, where only the tough survive. At times, I feel like the weakest of travelers.

When I’m weak, that’s when I’m strong.

When I admit I’m weak, I look for help outside of myself. That’s a good thing. My unconquerable will to thrive keeps this weak, weary traveler moving forward. Knowing where to find my provisions is vital for my survival. Chief among the provisions is the Life Map. You’ll come to know that Map if you choose to journey with me. The greatest advantage for success in Life’s Journey is an experienced, personal guide. I’ve got the best–Holy Spirit.

I won’t pretend I have all the answers.

I’m continually searching for answers to Life’s questions. My answers most often come through Life Lessons, precarious encounters that threaten my well-being in this wilderness. I hate trials. But it’s my trials that transform me into a more fit adventurer on the Journey of Life.

Yes, I expect Life will continue to stretch me and challenge me. And if my life looks gnarly, like The Treaty Tree in Jacksonville, Florida, I hope that I, and others, may find beauty in what we see.

Fellow adventurer on the Journey of Life, I’m grateful our paths crossed.